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"I have to do this! I gotta start doing this. I a man who forgets a lot. If not now, it will never happen."

Woke up with a heavy heart of loneliness. I thought I am getting crazy why i feel lonely for no reason. I know people say that there's always a reason for everything and every feeling. I always thought of myself as someone who can work fine alone.

I reached out to my phone and saw notificaion but decided to head to the bathroom with my phone and continued the WILD daily reading plan. In my head, I dont wanna do it, but I still did. It talks about women a lot, kinda makes me realize that there's so much truth in this topic that reflects my true nature as a man and gives all sense to the things I am going through.  After reading, I was strill dealing with my loneliness and thing through it. God quickened something in my heart, asked me, what makes you happy? When do feel most alive? What matters to you the most? I can't think of any specific things to answer all that, or maybe there's a lot and it's hard to which one weighs the most. 

I went back to my phone, i opened my messages, i saw that the previous messages and coversation from my old phone was restored back to my new phone. I continued browsing the list of people who texted me, who rememebered me. I saw one of my bestfriend's text, back when both of us were both in the Philippines. I scrolled forever and found lots of time he told me that he love me, he misses me and he misses hanging with me and that he is PROUD of me. Reading these texts and some others texts from the people who really showed their love and care for me encouraged me to push forward to a hapy and positive day.

I realize that it is really important to tell the people we love how we feel about them.

To answer these questions. Traveling makes me really happy, but when I am not traveling I am happy when i connect with people. I feel most alive when I am serving people, mostly the people I love. What matter to me the most is my relationship with God. I feel messed up when I am clouded by fears and sin hids the face of God in me, and it feels like I am wasting away. My relationship with God glue every relationship i have with people. Without God in the center of it, It's all a mess. 

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